Gallery of Kite and Blimp
Aerial Photographs

James S. and Susan W. Aber

The following aerial photographs illustrate various urban and rural subjects throughout the yearly change of seasons. Pictures are drawn from Kansas and many other states, Canada, and several European countries. Some of these pictures were prepared by scanning color-slide film at 400 or 600 dpi, followed by some cropping and enhancement of the images. Starting in 2001 an increasing number of pictures were acquired with digital cameras, and since 2005 all photographs are taken by digital cameras. All images © by the authors, James S. and Susan W. Aber, except where noted otherwise; all rights reserved.

Great Plains, United States and Canada

City of Emporia
East-central Kansas (2017)
Emporia State University
East-central Kansas (2000-2005)
Lake Kahola reservoir
East-central Kansas
Fort Leavenworth military reservation
Northeastern Kansas
Boy Scout summer camps
Eastern Kansas
Amache Japanese Internment Center
Granada, Colorado (2007, 2018)
Kansas City metropolitan area
Northwestern Missouri
City of Halstead
South-central Kansas
Ross Natural History Reservation
East-central Kansas
Prairie burning, Flint Hills
East-central Kansas (2000-01)
High-school marching bands Southwind Country Club
Garden City, Kansas (2002-03)
Cheyenne Bottoms
Central Kansas
Quivira National Wildlife Refuge
South-central Kansas
Dry Lake, Scott
County, Kansas (2007-15)
Horse Thief Canyon
Hodgeman County, Kansas
(2009, 2010, 2015)
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Kansas City, Missouri
Rose Garden, Loose Park
Kansas City, Missouri (2006)
University of Central Missouri
Warrensburg, Missouri (2005)
Padre Island and Laguna Madre
South Texas (2005)
Missouri State University
Springfield, Missouri (2008)
Kansas windscape summary
Picher, Oklahoma (2009) Silver City, Kansas
(2009, 2012, 2015)
Neosho Wildlife Area,
Kansas (2010)
Southern Saskatchewan,
Canada (2010)
Eisenhower Library,
Kansas (2011)
Dunlap, Kansas (2014-2016, 2021)
Joplin, Missouri (2015) Finney State Lake and Wildlife
Area, Kansas (2010-2016)
Coughlen Natural Area
& Kansas Turpike (2015)
Western Nebraska (2010 & 2015)
Fort Dodge, Kansas (2016) Little Jerusalem, Kansas (2016)
Mount Mitchell Heritage Prairie,
Kansas (2020)
Geographic center of the contiguous U.S.
Lebanon, Kansas (2021)
Wind energy,
Colorado (2023)

More Great Plains

Subject Location Subject Location
City cemetery (1997) Emporia, Kansas Agricultural scenes Enid, Oklahoma
Agricultural scenes Oskaloosa, Kansas Agricultural scenes Garretson, South Dakota
Cattle (1997) Lake Kahola, Kansas Flint Hills (1998) Chase County, Kansas
Palisades State Park Eastern South Dakota Sinkhole lakes Roswell, New Mexico
Volcanic cone (1998) Mt. Capulin, New Mexico University campus Marshall, Minnesota
Intrusive mountain Spanish Peaks, Colorado Anasazi ruin (1999) Hovenweep, Utah
Community center Bartlesville, Oklahoma Girl Scout kite day Emporia, Kansas
Konza Prairie (2002) Manhattan, Kansas Pueblo Dam/Lake Pueblo, Colorado
Glacial landscapes Devils Lake, North Dakota City and wetland (2002) Lawrence, Kansas vicinity
NEO A&M College Miami, Oklahoma West Lake kite festival Enid, Oklahoma
Small town & church Liebenthal, Kansas Santa Fe Trail (2011) Baldwin City, Kansas
Platt National Park Southern Oklahoma Small town & cemetery Elsmore, Kansas
Osage Cuestas (2014) Toronto, Kansas Spring River (2021) Baxter Springs, Kansas
Arikaree Breaks (2021) Cheyenne County, Kansas Mt. Calvary Cemetery (2023) Marion County, Kansas

Beyond the Great Plains

Kite and hot-air balloon photos
Mount Shasta, California (1999)
Lewis and Clark sites: Pacific coast
Oregon and Washington (1999)
Monterey Bay, Pacific coast
California (2002)
San Francisco Bay to Point Piedras Blancas
Pacific coast, California (2006)
Gulf of Mexico
Mississippi and Louisiana (2004)
Finger Lakes
New York (2005)
Sailplane airphotos
Elmira, New York (2005)
Martha's Vineyard
Massachusetts (2005)
San Luis Valley
Colorado (2006-19)
Blue Lake, Utah (2006)
La Veta Pass,
Colorado (2008)
New England,
Maine & Massachusetts (2009)
Conneaut Marsh,
Pennsylvania (2009)
Presque Isle,
Pennsylvania (2009)
Nevada & California (2012) Gilsonite mines
Utah (2013)
Tennessee (2014)
Tucson, Arizona (2019-23)
Yavapai County
Arizona (2019-23)

Northern European KAP

Polish villages and agriculture
Polish Baltic Sea (1998, 2000)
Tatra Mountains (2007)
Slovakia & Poland
Estonian forest and peat bogs
Estonian Baltic Sea (2000)
Estonian agriculture (2001)
Autumn color
Estonian peat bogs (2001)
Denmark (2005)
southern Scandinavia
Tromsø region
northern Norway (1998)
Tatra Mountains
Northern Slovakia
(1997 & 2000)
Wind energy (2013)
Denmark and Poland
Eastern Slovakia (2016)
Nordic tour: Norway
Sweden & Finland (2019)
Green-energy tour
Denmark (2023)

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All text and images © J.S. and S.W. Aber (1996-2023).