Central Missouri
State University*
Warrensburg, Missouri

J.S. and S.W. Aber

* New name: University of Central Missouri


The authors were invited to present a seminar on small-format aerial photography at Central Missouri State University, located in Warrensburg, about an hour's drive southeast of Kansas City on US highway 50. The seminar was followed by an outdoor demonstration of blimp aerial photography, which we conducted on the athletic field on the west side of campus.

CMSU was founded in 1871 as a "normal school" for the preparation of teachers. It has since evolved into a multipurpose university with an emphasis on professional technology. Its proximity to the Kansas City metropolitan region draws many students and faculty from the urban environment. It also attracts students from rural areas of western Missouri as well as many other regions.

Our visit took place in early March, and we were lucky to experience some early spring weather--mostly clear to partly cloud sky, light and somewhat variable wind, and afternoon temperature ~60F--ideal conditions for using our helium blimp to lift various camera rigs. This venture was all digital--film cameras were left at home, a first for us. Following is a superwide-angle view of the CMSU campus taken with a Canon Digital Rebel camera equiped with a 10-mm lens (16 mm equivalent for std. film camera). View is toward the east. All imagery © J.S. and S.W. Aber (3/05).

Views of CMSU campus and surroundings

Wide-angle view eastward over the main campus of Central Missouri State University. Multipurpose athletic building in lower right corner and football stadium to left. Large building in the right background is the library.
Standard view eastward over the main campus of Central Missouri State University. Most of the classroom and administrative buildings are situated behind the football stadium.
View toward the southeast with a dormatory complex at scene center. The library appears in left background.
Wide-angle view toward the northeast. Part of the football stadium and campus appear to right side, and downtown Warrensburg is visible in the distance.
Standard view of downtown Warrensburg at scene center.
View over the northwestern side of Warrensburg with the Deerfield suburban housing tract visible in the middle distance. See title photo.
Superwide-angle overview of athletic fields on west side of CMSU campus. Baseball and practice football fields.
Baseball field is well groomed and ready for the spring season.
Fields for throwing events--hammer and discus to left, shotput center, and javelin to right. Blimp flyers and spectators are standing beside the javelin track.
Closeup view of ground setup for blimp aerial photography. Students and faculty from various courses came out to observe the equipment and techniques.

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