Maplewood and Memorial Lawn Cemeteries
Emporia, Kansas

Cemeteries occupy sizeable areas in many cities; they provide open "green spaces" within urban settings. Powerlines, towers, busy streets and other obstacles are usually absent. If trees are not too numerous, cemeteries may be good places for kite flying. Click on the small images below to see larger versions.

This high-oblique view was taken in winter under mostly sunny conditions. View toward southeast with cemetery in foreground and central portion of Emporia in the background. The large building to right is the Westminster Presbyterian Church. Photo date 1/97, © J.S. Aber.
View toward east with cemetery to right and modern housing to left. Water tower on horizon holds 1 million gallons for distribution on the east side of Emporia. Photo date 1/97, © J.S. Aber.
Low-oblique closeup view of tombstones in older section of cemetery. Early spring view in visible color--compare with color-infrared example below. Photo date 3/97, © J.S. Aber.
Early spring, color-infrared view over older portion of cemetery. Evergreen trees and bushes (juniper, yew) appear red and red-purple; active cool-season grasses (fescue, blue) also have a reddish-purple color at this time of year. Warm-season grass and deciduous trees are dormant and appear blue-green in color-infrared. Photo date 3/00, © J.S. Aber.

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