Ross Natural History Reservation
Northeastern Portion

The northeastern sector has substantial woodland and is the downstream portion of the local basin that drains from Gladfelter Pond and vicinity. The stream is intermittent; however, a nearby spring is perennial. An old, now-abandoned county road crosses this section from north to south.

View toward the northwest with Gladfelter Pond visible in the far left corner. Late autumn scene in which prairie grass is dormant and deciduous trees have dropped their leaves. Red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) is the green tree, which is the only native conifer in Kansas. Photo date 11/99, © J.S. Aber.
Westward view with the main buildings visible in upper left corner of scene. The kite line and kite flyers can be seen in the open field east of the building complex. Photo date 11/99, © J.S. Aber.
Vertical view of the spring, which is the circular feature in lower center of the scene. Taking this photograph proved to be challenging, as the spring is surrounded by woodland. Jeff Perkins can be seen standing to left of spring (note shadow). Using a CB radio, he directed the kite flyer to maneuver the camera rig over the spring. The kite flyer could not see the spring or judge the camera position, because of intervening trees. Note the "skeletal" quality of this late autumn view with bare trees. Photo date 11/99, © J.S. Aber.
Late spring view toward the northeast. This portion of the reservation has experienced considerable invasion by trees and brush, and woodland patches have grown up during the past four decades. Digital image date 6/01, © J.S. Aber.

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