Northeastern Oklahoma
A & M College

Miami, Oklahoma

J.S. and S.W. Aber
Gina Manders


In mid-February the authors conducted kite aerial photography on the campus of Northeastern Oklahoma A & M College in Miami, Oklahoma. They were assisted by Gina Manders, in the continuing education department at the college. Most unusual weather conditions prevailed on the day. Just before noon temperature reached the lower 70s F on a strong southwest wind. At noon a cold front moved through, and wind shifted abruptly to the north/northwest. During the afternoon temperature dropped rapidly to below freezing by evening. Sky was mostly cloudy, but from time to time the sun peaked out briefly to illuminate the ground.

We set up for kite aerial photography on a practice athletic at the northeastern corner of the campus during the early afternoon. Pictures were taken with the Canon S70 and Rebel cameras using wide-angle (28 mm equivalent) and superwide-angle (16 mm equivalent) lenses. We flew a large rokkaku, which worked well at the beginning. But as wind increased to a strong breeze (gusts 25-30 mph), it proved quite a handfull to control and bring down. All text and images © by the authors.

NEO A&M campus views

Superwide-angle view toward the southwest over the college campus and athletic fields.
Clouds approach and the background is shadowed, while the football stadium remains in sun light. Superwide-angle view toward west.
Football stadium and the eastern side of the NEO A&M College campus. Wide-angle view toward southwest.
Closeup view of the new student activity center (SAC) at scene center, far end of the football stadium.
Closeup view of the baseball field on eastern side of campus.
View toward east with Tar Creek in foreground and agricultural land use in background.
Closeup view of Tar Creek through bare trees in winter. The reddish-brown color beneath the trees is a rust stain left by high water of Tar Creek, which drains from the Tri-State mining district.

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