Ross Natural History Reservation
Gladfelter Pond

Gladfelter Pond is the focus for aquatic and hydrologic research at Ross Natural History Reservation. The images below show the pond during different seasons and under various conditions.

Late winter view toward the north. Prairie grass is dormant and deciduous trees have no leaves. Green conifers are the eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana). The pond is fed by two tributary streams from the west (left). Photo date 3/99, © J.S. Aber.
Summer view of Gladfelter Pond. The outlet stream is marked by a corridor of trees to the right. A trail passes over the dam on the east (right) side of the pond, and another trail follows the outlet stream to the right. Photo date 7/99, © J.S. Aber.
Low-oblique view toward the northwest. Grass and trees are lush green in this late spring view, and Gladfelter Pond is full of water. Notice the stone line (Neva Limestone) in the field beyond the pond. Photo date 6/01, © J.S. Aber.
Near vertical view over Gladfelter Pond showing aquatic vegetation covering the southern arm of the pond. The stone line of the Neva Limestone is visible (as white spots) right of the pond in upper center of the scene. Photo date 7/99, © J.S. Aber.
Part of the pond and dam are visible in the lower left corner. A mixture of prairie and woodland vegetation can be seen in this normal-color, summer view--compare with next image. Photo date 7/99, © J.S. Aber.
Color-infrared photograph of same scene as above. Active vegetation appears in pink and red colors, and water is completely black. Subtle variations in plant vigor can be detected with color-infrared photography. Photo date 7/99, © J.S. Aber.

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