Ross Natural History Reservation
Building Complex

The main building complex includes living, teaching, office, equipment, and maintanence structures. These buildings form the focus for instruction and research activities at Ross reservation. Ross often hosts students and scientists from other institutions and states.

Overview of the main building complex looking toward the northeast. Kite flyers are standing next to the telescope mount in the lower left corner. Photo date 11/98, © J.S. Aber.
View from back side of building complex looking toward the south. Two new living quarters (mobile homes) and the sewage lagoon are to the left (east). Kite flyers are standing at right of view. Photo date 6/01, © J.S. Aber.
Looking toward the southwest over the main building complex and an old agricultural field to the right (west). This field was converted from crops to grass many decades ago, but the outlines of old terraces are still visible. The road in background marks the southern boundary of the reservation. Digital image date 6/01, © J.S. Aber.
The large structure to right is the main office/instruction building in which class meetings and conferences take place. Behind this building, the square pens are for controlled animal observations. Photo date 8/97, © J.S. Aber.
Western portion of the main building complex and prairie beyond. The circular structure in front of the main building is a stone campfire ring with a large stone fireplace at the center. Photo date 3/00, © J.S. Aber.
View westward toward old crop field, which is now reverting to prairie. Remnants of agricultural terraces form loops around the field. Photo date 3/00, © J.S. Aber.
View eastward over the back side of the building complex. The farthest building to right is the older living quarters--compare with picture below. Photo date 8/97, © J.S. Aber.
A new living quarters (long white mobile home) was installed in 1999 along with a new sewage treatment pond for the building complex. Photo date 7/99, © J.S. Aber.
Vertical view above the new living quarters (upper white rectangle) with part of the new sewage pond to left. Photo date 3/00, © J.S. Aber.

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