Bottomless Lakes State Park, New Mexico

Bottomless Lakes State Park is located near Roswell in east-central New Mexico. The lakes occupy sinkholes formed in gypsum, salt, redbeds and dolostone of the Artesia Group and San Andreas Formation (upper Permian). Salt and gypsum have dissolved, leading to collapse of the sinkholes. The sinkholes are typically circular with steep walls, 50-100 meters in diameter and 30-60 meters deep (Martinez et al. 1998). A large sinkhole lake is visible in the foreground, and another can be seen in the background. Photo date 3/98; © J.S. Aber.

Low-oblique view of the recreation area at Bottomless Lakes State Park. A beach and bathhouse are located to the left side. Picnic shelters, volleyball court, and other facilities are also visible. Photo date 3/98; © J.S. Aber.


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